Community Events Calendar

Note: Many of these events change dates from year to year.  To stay informed, be sure to pick up the Mattawa Area News each Wednesday.  Please support our local businesses.  They make it possible to bring you the Mattawa Area News.  This and other local information can also be obtained from the Mattawa City Hall at 509-932-4037.


January 1 at noon, be a polar bear and join us as we jump in the Columbia River at Desert Aire!


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Fireman’s Ball Sweetheart’s Dance is usually held the Saturday closest to Valentine’s Day.

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Each year, in preparation for Independence Day, Desert Aire sponsors the Annual Golf Cart Parade.  Usually held the Saturday before the 4th of July.


The second Saturday in August brings out Hot Desert Nights. The family event in Desert Aire includes a golf tournament, car show, dinner and dancing under the stars. A drag race is thrown in for the fun of it.

The Sagebrush Seniors of Desert Aire have their Yard Sale in early September, and their Bazaar and Bake Sale in November.

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