Nightlife and Entertainment

Mattawa, Washington

Mattawa is also awakening when the sun goes down. Many live music venues, restaurants, bars, and pubs will attract your attention. If you prefer a night full of parties and drinking, we can recommend you the best places to eat in Mattawa Area before your night out. Let’s start:

  1. Crafted – If you are keen on delicious food, you should definitely choose the Crafted restaurant and order a meal from the Chef Menu. You won’t regret it. The menu changes all the times, and the ones who adore our dishes, are always looking forward to new items, made from the creative team, that still puts together ingredients and flavors that you will never make on your own. We genuinely recommend you the crispy rice, tuna crudo and the burrata with bacon jam. You should also have in mind that the servers are always friendly and attentive, and they will explain to you every single word found on the menu. Just ask them. The Mattawa locals are really proud of having the Crafted restaurant as a part of their community.
  2. Blue Rock Saloon – Once you enter Blue Rock Saloon, you will never want to leave. You won’t be able to decide whether to choose the nachos or more bacon cheese fries. You need to make a reservation if you want one of the Hibachi tables. Here you can have the best Hibachi ever and taste great food for great prices. If you go there for lunch, you should definitely order the sushi, it is astounding. Portions are really generous, and the atmosphere is favorable. If you are a vegetarian, many vegetarian rolls will suit you. Blue Rock is a must for your bar hopping experience!
  3. EZ Tiger – It is a restaurant that no matter what never disappoints its customers. Here you can find a friendly vibe and amazing tasting food. You can enjoy splendid cocktails such as Mai Tai. And the spicy peanut noodles are definitely the best thing ever. All the staff is too kind, and always here for you to explain and simplify the menu, in order to convince you and intrigue you to try something new, like stone pot fried rice. Once you come here, you will look forward to returning.
  4. Bill’s Place – Bill’s Place is an excellent place if you are both a beer lover and liquor. On Wednesday you can find an outstanding deal with wimpy burgers. Unique Trivia and all the drinks are reasonably priced. The staff is amiable and they often check in with you just to make sure that you have got everything you need. Our main goal is to make our customers happy and ready to return the very next day.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that we have made a clear list in order to make your decision simpler. We will be delighted if you visit these places and leave with a full tummy and a smile on your face.