Valentine’s Day

Some time back in the summer of 2008, I met my husband Pedro. At the time I was 37 years old. I thought I would never be married.

A friend of mine invited me out to a dance club. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I went anyway just hoping to lift my spirits.

At one point, a guy in a cowboy hat and nice blue eyes came over and asked me if I wanted to dance. Since I was in a blue funk, I said “No thanks” and proceeded to sit there and watch everyone dance.

This guy danced with my friend and a few other gals before coming back to our table and talking to us.

He was nice enough, and I judged him to be a decent guy. Over time, we came friends. Then something shifted.

One day my friend and I were headed to two events that were happening on the same night. One was a Quinceanera, and the other was a wedding. As my friend was putting gas in her car, she got a phone call. It was our friend, Pedro. He was calling from across the street. He saw us, so after we were done we headed over.

My friend parked her car and rolled down the window. Pedro leaned in and asked. “Where are you two going” All the while he was staring at me and I didn’t know why. My friend informed him that we were headed to a wedding.

“Would you like to come?” she said. He answered in the affirmative and said he would be ready in twenty minutes.

We passed by his house and picked him up. We had fun at the wedding later that evening and finally I danced with him. About nine o’clock my friend decided she wanted to leave early.

On the way home I sat in the front, and my friend Pedro sat in the back. I had my left arm resting down over by the drivers seat and he grabbed my hand and held my hand the rest of the way home. I asked him, “Why are you holding my hand?” he said. “Because I want to.” That was the start of everything. We sorted out that we really wanted to date and get to know each other better. I haven’t regretted any of it since.

We were engaged the fall of the next year and then got married in May of 2010.

In the big scheme of things, I realized that this was always meant to be. First of all, he was born just nine months after me. The same time I lived in Beverly and worked in Mattawa, he was also working and living in Mattawa. Even stranger was the fact that the year I moved to Quincy he also moved to Quincy. We knew some of the same people and it just seemed like it was a perfect fit because it was.

Whether you have a Valentine or not, there is someone out there who will appreciate and love you. Then you count yourself lucky. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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